Bush Impersonations

March 6, 2006

Here’s a funny topic. Rhapsodizing about satire that pounces on the things one usually expends one’s invective on. My sister recently sent me a few amusing links:

On wimp.com, a surreally accurate Bush rendition. Especially combined with the low res video, you have to really ask yourself if it’s an impersonator (with a false nose, has to be). It’s a roast for Jeff Foxworthy, probably from Comedy Central? Not riotously funny, but as I said, astoudingly accurate.

Onegoodmove.org has another. Don’t know the original source. Will Farrell doesn’t do the best W impersonation, but it’s good enough to suspend your disbelief and the funniness builds as he gets more outrageous, though within character.

So, OK, let me praise a country that allows people to go unmolested (I think) for making fun of their elected leader. That to me shows a high level of sophistication. To believe that critique alone won’t topple a sound system, just the individual doofuses when their time comes. I do hope we can hang on to that.

It also reminds me of a million years ago, when my boyfriend on a soul-searching trip around the country was taken in briefly by the Moonies. Remember them? He said they were very nice, happy people really and seemed sincere in wanting him to be happy too…. It was the realization that the full embrace of happiness in their style meant the exclusion of things like Neil Young and Howlin’ Wolf and Virginia Woolf and other expressions of the blues that put him off. There was something untrue to life in excluding all that.

Why am I reminded of that? I don’t know, I must tell you honestly. What was I talking about? Oh, it’s that, well, if we had Utopia, we wouldn’t have satire, would we? Always look on the bright side of life…..


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