What’s in a Name?

March 6, 2006

It’s almost as bad as naming a child, naming a blog. One can’t stay up all night about it (well, one does), but you hardly have nine months to contemplate the untoward repercussions of your capricious fancies. And so, perhaps it’s worse.

With no particular ax to grind, market to corner, or stand to make, a general name will have to do the job. I seem quite capable (if not to say, prone) to see the world’s faults from my position of pretty complete powerlessness, and express outrage and vituperation to the already converted choir mostly, and thus: the first part of this blog’s title.

I am as frequently filled with a feeling of suffused blessing, simple appreciation for my life which so far has been without a lot of shooting and explosions, prolonged or injurious dearth of food and water, or physical disability (knock wood). Thus the second bit.

I wonder which will make an appearance more frequently here.


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