Get Your Bearings on the Political Compass

March 9, 2006

Darn, wish I could find or remember the name of the blog where I got directed to The Political Compass site. I love that “next blog” feature on wordpress, for the random surprises, but you can’t be too hasty about leaving the page or turning off your computer before you notice where you are. (If I find it or remember it, I’ll add it back in here.)

Back to the political compass, though. Answer six screens of questions, maybe 40 issue or position type questions to which you can agree or disagree, straight up or strongly. It shows where you come up on a two-dimensional matrix (as opposed to the customary left-right spectrum). Basically it separates views on controlled versus free market economics from views on government’s role in other aspects of life (social issues). After an explanation, plunks you on a grid with famous leaders. Are you in the quadrant with Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama? Or with the lonely Milton Friedman? Or the terribly overpopulated upper right quadrant populated by Berlusconi, Bush, Hitler, Sharon, Thatcher, etc. Lots of interesting stuff here, including another very difficult quiz on who said what. Outrageous things.


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