September 12, 2006

I was away from my blog reading (i.e., Bloglines) for a little while. Back and discover I’ve been tagged for a thingy. Is this a meme? Seems like a meme can mean just something that everyone is talking about, or one of these survey type things. I’ll see what I can do. (It started, as far as I know, at Ma Vie Bucolique.)


Anyway, my instructions were to make a list of fours (most categories supplied) and create a title with a play on the word four. I don’t know if these are supposed to be four things one likes, doesn’t like, feels represent one, have a significant role in one’s life, are the first things one thinks of (I can’t even think of four chairs without great effort). I was puzzling over the point of this… does it interest you, dear reader, to know that I seem to like silly movies and serious books? Ahh, but it does allow one to plop a lot of links in one post! Just don’t anybody say I’m a party pooper.


4 flowers (I wish I could grow)






4 plants (I can grow)

Burdock (see previous post)


Lily of the valley

White pine


4 family members






4 chairs

Let’s give 3 chairs and 1 chair more for the hardy captain of the Pinafore.


4 jobs (I have had)

Census worker


Rowing coach

Swamper (oil field laborer)


4 bosses I would like to be like

Janice on
Cape Ann (is there any other answer possible?)

Joan Tobin

Julie Benyo

Tom Sawyer


4 movies watched multiple times

Down By Law

The King of Hearts

The Princess Bride

Strictly Ballroom


4 favorite authors (among many)

Doris Lessing

Naguib Mafouz

J.P. Marquand

Barry Unsworth


4 websites visited (nearly) daily


4 favorite foods

Baked goods





4 states I’ve lived in



New York



The “gruesome tag part,” as Janice on
Cape Ann so aptly put it. Thanks you guys. I’m going to cheat, and re-tag some who have not yet posted this silliness on their sites. Mostly cuz I’m a lame blogger and don’t have relationships with bloggers I don’t know in the flesh and blood world. Well maybe someday.

1. Kerstein 

2. Murray

3. Borgy

4. Churbuck




3 Responses to “Foursooth!”

  1. MeridithL Says:

    Hey Sandy! Thanks for being a sport with this. And yeah, I have heard it called a “meme.” I saw it on some other blog and I thought it was fun idea. Plus, I love to make lists!

  2. directorship Says:

    Chairs are easy. Especially if you click on the “2 ancient rockers.”

  3. This should up your ratings a bit–I’ve subscribed to your blog with Bloglines and I’ve linked to your rapier-like wit in my personal blogroll at my blog.

    And Meredith is right. Who doesn’t like lists?

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