Tempered Delight

November 14, 2006

You’d think I would have weighed in with at least a whoo-hoo! since last Tuesday’s elections.

Of course, on the one hand I am thrilled with the results in that a lot of mindlessly conservative Republicans lost. But I’m less than thrilled that they’ve been replaced for the most part by tactically conservative Democrats. It may have been a victory for the Democratic Party, but you can’t call it a victory for any kind of progressive agenda. So call me perennially dissatisfied, but it is a little bit dismal in the harsh light of day after the initial rejoicing over the brakes being put on the no-checks-or-balances evil empire.

I guess these are the Blue Dog Democrats and their ilk. Normally I like things to do with dogs, maybe not just mixed with donkeys.


One Response to “Tempered Delight”

  1. Borgy101 Says:

    My dog Tikki and I are close. We usually spend the weeknights at home watching old episodes of “The Man from Uncle”. Then on the weekend we head down to the clean sidewalks of the ‘boros. That’s Westboro and Northboro for the MIddlesex county clueless. Sunday night we watch “60 Minutes”, a light snack, then I’m off to bed and Tikki’s off to the couch.

    Routine-like life.

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