How Sports Can Be Sublime

January 9, 2007

There’s a lot to be grumpy about out there, the general theme of this blog, but the subtheme, the stuff to rhapsodize over… man, it beats all. It’s when I have things to share like this little You Tube clip from a bicycle race in France that I wish I had a proper lively blog with a big viral audience. This is so inadvertently uplifting! Ah well. Pass this along if you find it as delightful as I did. You don’t need to love or even know cycling, and it’s probably even better if you don’t understand French. Even with the crappy video quality, it’s an etude on the wonderful surpringness of the world. Or if not an etude, some other musical term. Capriccio or something.

C’est beau!


One Response to “How Sports Can Be Sublime”

  1. Paul Kerstein Says:

    I had my money on the horse, until it missed that right turn.

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