Social Networking Experiment

May 22, 2007

Without saying a word about the resounding empty echoes of this blog from the last three months… My friend Lynda, who works for Visible Path and keeps a professional blog called Centrality Journal, has e-mailed an invitation to link to the blog of her friend “Gatsby” to see what happens to his Technorati rating. When she linked from hers, his rating went up 500,000. I have a scientific streak, so I am willing to do an experiment….

And so must be the aforementioned Gatsby, whose blog is entitled Archimedes’ Hot Tub. Or he merely has a penchant for classical references. I don’t know him, this writer Michael Fitzgerald, though perhaps I should. I notice that my boss is on his list of friends! The world closes in around us. Or just the social network.

Years ago, I observed that my boyfriend’s Hungarian immigrant parents seemed to know every other Hungarian immigrant in the state, if not the nation. They said, oh yes, of course they did and it wasn’t all that different from back in the old country. At least within their educational strata. And now, I guess, the same is probably true beyond the bounds of Magyar.

If sheer numbers of links will help Gatsby, then perhaps this modest link will push him along, but “authority”? Toothless Invective is an unlikely source, I think.

And with that I’ll say, I miss this stuff!


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