Vote No on the Banana Republic Question

January 31, 2008

I have always respected and vocally admired Hilary Rodham Clinton for her intelligence and energy. I was first and most impressed by her acuity back when they were trying to promote a new health care system for the country in 1994, or whenever that was. Props too for surviving the brutally public life of politics generally. But, I can’t vote for her now and I would urge others not to either. It’s not that I’m anti-Clinton per se; I’m anti-dynasty.

Let others keep democracy limited to a few families. The Perons, the Duvaliers, the Ghandis, the Bhuttos. (There are more.) It’s bad enough as it is here today, where you need money more than intelligence, more campaign backing than compassion, and thick skin more than thinking to run for and become leader of the United States. Perhaps it was always thus: We did have the Adamses (John and John Quincy) and the Harrisons (Benjamin and William Henry) before we had the Bushes to set us down the path of dynasty-making. The Kennedys were nipped in the bud. I’m allowing the Roosevelts as they were not-close cousins. But today, when education and opportunity are supposed to be available to every American, where technology and enlightened thinking should make us more able to avail ourselves of the talents of 250 million people…. it’s an embarrassment to stick to candidates and leaders from the same-same families, like some teetering banana republic.

It looks terrible.

So, much as I hope Mrs. Clinton stays in public life as a self-proclaimed public servant, she shouldn’t be president. Nor should Chelsea Clinton. Nor Jeb Bush.

Leaving the White House as president and coming back as first spouse is a little too reminiscent of leaving the Kremlin as president and coming back the next week as prime minister. Maybe not that bald. But why go down that route at all?

I will vote for Obama on Super Tuesday. I would have considered Edwards too, had he not withdrawn. I like ‘am both. Now the decision is easy. When asked whether I would vote for McCain in November (if it came to that) to take my stand against dynasty making, I have to confess my principles only go so far on this. But still. Make it be Obama. Much more fun to vote FOR something than to merely cast a vote against the other side.

Vote against family dynasties. Thank you. This message was approved by me. Only.



One Response to “Vote No on the Banana Republic Question”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. There is something distasteful or at the very least, transparent, about family members following previous ones into the Whitehouse. It’s much like movie stars’ children becoming stars on their parents’ fame. Only less interesting, and more smarmy.
    I voted by mail, and my candidate withdrew after I had cast my ballot! So now my vote is moot. I am disappointed, and not too happily backing Barack Obama, since I cannot vote for Mrs. Clinton due to my distaste for nepotism.
    What a circus!

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